Support Services Command

Areas of Responsibility:
  • Apparatus Maintenance
  • Information Management
  • Fire Investigations
  • Fire Prevention and Life Safety
  • Office of Professional Standards and Compliance
  • Risk Management and Safety
  • Special Events Unit
  • Special Operations/Special Projects
  1. Apparatus Maintenance

    The Civilian manager for this office is responsible for the maintenance and administration of the Fire/EMS Department fleet.

  2. Fire Investigations Division

    Fire Investigations is charged with the responsibility of investigating all fires, explosions, or other emergencies within Prince George's County with unknown causes.

  3. Fire Prevention & Life Safety

    The Fire Prevention and Life Safety office comprises three sections, Code Enforcement, Project Coordination, and Special Hazards.

  4. Information Management Division

    The Information Management office administers all Information Management programs in the Fire/EMS Department.

  5. Professional Standards & Compliance

    Learn about the responsibilities of the Professional Standards & Compliance Office.

  6. Special Events Unit

    Prince George’s County plays host to a wide variety of public events from professional football, half-marathons, festivals, parades, and other gatherings. Proper planning and coordination are important to ensure these events remain healthful and safe for all participants and spectators.