Kentland / Palmer Park

Team Representatives

  • Brad Frome: Team Leader
  • Lavinia Baxter: Team Special Assistant 
Department/Agency         Team Representative(s)
Board of Education/PGCPS Richard Moody
Sharon Thomas
Central Services Floyd Holt
Community Relations Gabriel McConnell
Corrections James Selby
CountyStat Ben Birge
Economic Development Corporation Patricia Blackwell
Environment Ralph Moultrie
Family Services Anthony Walker
Fire/EMS Thomas James
Alan Doubleday
Health Kodjo Dodo
Homeland Security Ronald Gill
Housing and Community Development
(incl. Housing Authority and Redevelopment Authority)
Steve Paul
Information Technology Sandra Longs
License Commissioners Don Son
Parks and Recreation 

Vanessa Akins
Wanda Ramos
Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement Dan Dornan
Police Sgt. Lawrence Canada
Public Works and Transportation Kate Mazarra
Sheriff Lt. Sharon Saunders
Social Services Walter Jackson
Sunny Pippins
Youth Strategies Nicole Newsome