East Riverdale / Bladensburg

Team Representatives
  • David Iannucci: Team Leader
  • Lynnette Nick: Team Special Assistant
Department/Agency         Team Representative(s)
 Bladensburg Police Department Sgt. Scott Davis
Pfc. C. Callaway
Board of Education/PGCPS Jeanine Cadet
Central Services Sharon Moore-Jackson
Community Relations Musa Eubanks
Corrections Captain J. Lyles
CountyStat Alex Krughoff
Economic Development Corporation Jeffrey Swilley
Environment Kemba Saibou/Ken Krantz
Family Services Cathy Stasny/Karen Sylvester
Fire/EMS Erroll George/Brian Frankel
Health Myra Leonard
Homeland Security Ernest Walker
Housing and Community Development
(incl. Housing Authority and Redevelopment Authority)
Patricia Isaac
Information Technology Lynnette Nick
License Commissioners Kelly Markomanolakis
M-NCPPC (Planning and Parks and Recreation)  Anthony Nolan
Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement Ruby Sherrod/Maria Hyatt
Police Major D. Weishaar
Sgt. M. Chabla
Cpl. Q. Nguyen
Cpl. H. Argueta
Public Works and Transportation Dwight Joseph
Sheriff Captain Rolf (Art) Thorsen
Social Services Dennis Lewis
Youth Strategies Vacant